The importance of technology has been highlighted through the COVID-19 pandemic, however educators all over the world have realized that such a powerful concept must not be limited to being a crisis-management tool. Technology can be a powerful educational tool when used as a part of existing curriculum. Technology can be used to increase student and teacher engagement. There are multiple online tools now available on the market as well as open-source ones that allow teachers to improve existing teaching methods as well as enable personalized learning. Educational Technology promotes collaboration between the teacher and their students, as well as between students. Online lessons and assessments can bring students together to solve problems through group brain-storming sessions. A popular example of this would be the breakout rooms feature in Big Blue Button/ Google Classrooms. Learning Management Systems can also improve teacher efficiency and productivity by reducing the time they need to put in for manual tasks that can easily be done through a machine. For example, Online assessments can also improve teaching outcomes by reducing the amount of manual labor required on their end. By uploading assessments online, teachers can view and grade them right there and receive instant feedback. There are also various types of online content that can be used as supplements or replacements to a curriculum. By using such engaging online content, teachers can make lessons more interesting for students which in turn promotes their inquisitiveness. These are only a few ways in which technology can better existing teaching methods and curriculum. Educators must use educational technology wisely and must use it in a way that cater to their student’s needs. It is important to note that technology is not an end-solution in itself but is a supplement to education.

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