It is clear by now that educational technology is the direction in which the world is moving towards. A few reasons why teachers should use technology in their classrooms are laid out below. Technology provides additional tools that help support their classrooms and students. Technology has evolved in a way where multiple tools on the market now can replicate and do parts of a teacher’s job, such as objective assessment for example. This reduces the manual burden on teachers and encourages them to use this time for other things. Technology can also help understand study material better through visual and audio supplements. Incorporating technology in this manner increases teaching methods and in turn increases the likelihood of students understanding concepts. This means that all learning styles are incorporated. Accessibility to information has also greatly increased. Gone are they days where study material such as worksheets and textbooks are the only sources of information for students. Students now go on the internet by themselves and can self-learn concepts. When a teacher curates their course by picking out relevant online material in any form, for a certain topic, they personalize learning and promote accessibility. In this manner, they also curate their own courses and become authors. Collaborative learning is also a huge part of educational technology and improves student outcomes. This in turn helps teachers promote social learning and ensures that a strong support system is built in their classrooms. These are a few reasons why technology is so important in modern day classrooms from a teachers’ perspective and why teachers should use different modes of educational technology tools; in order to better their classrooms.

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